We are connecting Artists and Buyers all over the world to trade, find friends and meet other curious minds who love the world of Art.

Our main focus is to help Artists and Buyers of all age groups to get started in the Commission Industry! With our variety of channels and possibilities we hope to establish a welcoming atmosphere for all those who want to buy or sell art or just want to meet new people. Founded in 2017 and with over 40,000 members, we are one of the largest art trade communities on Discord.

Our discord server was founded by Sasiko along with our long standing co-admins Luv and Vesentry. Doot is our long standing Moderator and MapleStory Champion. They have been in the discord server since its early creation days back in late 2017.

Join us and have fun!

Discord: https://discord.gg/AKbNWr7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArtDiscord


Sasiko [EU] Bots/Server Upkeep/ Code Shenanigans/Community
Luv [EU] Community/ Updates/ Staff Shenanigans
Vesentry [NA] Staff/ Community/ Sleepy Admin

You can contact Admins for the following issues:

Sasiko : Bots, Staff, Server Issues, Community
Luv: Community/ Modmail, Staff, Updates
Vesentry: Community/ Modmail, Staff

Moderator misconduct
Member issues

For everything else please use Modmail.


Doot Moderation, Modmail, MapleStory
Sandwich Moderation, Modmail
Shibaleks Moderation, Modmail
Miya Moderation, Modmail

-Modmail not responding/check mark not active when sending an application
-channel descriptions/pinned messages not updated for corresponding channels
-role bot not registering reaction (mobile)
-paid request not showing up after refreshing discord/ not getting corresponding role when sending a request
-moderation bot response delay/downtime

We’re looking for more Moderators to join our existing team! Want to become part of a growing Art Community and gain experience in moderating a large server? You’re at the right place.

– Requirements:
– 18+ years old Able to allocate sufficient time to moderate this server in all periods. (Exam periods are unvoidable and taking short hiatus is allowed)
– Do not have a past history of breaking server rules or disrespecting our staff roster in anyway
DM @Mod Mail for your application!

-Modmail not responding/check mark not active when sending an application
-channel descriptions/pinned messages not updated for corresponding channels
-role bot not registering reaction (mobile)
-paid request not showing up after refreshing discord/ not getting corresponding role when sending a request
-moderation bot response delay/downtime

The Summer Update for our Art discord is in the making! In the meantime you can read up on all the changes coming to the server on July 15th (UTC+0)

Click any of the tabs above to read the exact changes.


It’s Summer! Courtesy to Sasiko, we’re happy to announce a summer art event! The first prize will be a Clip Studio Pro License. More details on july 15th!

QOL changes

1.Automated Help

A new bot function has been added by Sasiko, enabling new users to choose between the most frequently asked questions. Our trusty bot Rabbot will send the corresponding reply to the user through dm’s. With this addition, users have now access to four methods of finding the correct role format and a quicker way to read up on important server information/rules.

IMPORTANT: You need to have private messages enabled for the server in order to use this function or any role application!

2. Fixes/ Adjustments to existing channels

Secret place and not so secret place will be renamed to ‘Artist Chat’ and ‘Buyer Chat’ respectively.
Request rules will be updated to follow our stance on NSFW/ pricing to align with our commission rules. More info on the NSFW and request changes in “Major server updates” tab.

Major server changes

1.Server Q&A
This has been a long requested feature- a document explaining our server channels and rules in depth.If you were always curious about the works and grinds of the server, now you can find out. The planned release for that document is july 15th and will be published here.

2. Artist/ Buyer Chat

Due to the behavior of a group of members, buyer chat access had been restricted to buyers only. We understand that this was a knee jerk reaction necessary at that time. However, this change caused unfairness to the access of buyers in artist chat, so we’re rolling back on that decision and grant access to both channels again.
HOWEVER, this does not happen without conditions: Should we notice the same treatment of the buyer chat happen before the recent changes, we will punish those members accordingly. Please be mindful of others and don’t use either channel selfishly as a place to spam/ complain/ talk about other members.


Any user requesting or drawing either of the listed will be banned and reported to Discord
( search for Discord TOS for more information)

underaged characters ( aka below 18)
Underaged looking characters
Gore/ Self-harm

Exceptions: animal personas of people ( commonly referred to as Furries ) as long as the above mentioned criterias do not apply.

-No depiction of Nudity
-No explicit depiction of genitalia in any form (this includes nipples, vaginas, erections etc)

-No suggestive/ depiction of sexual action/ themes/ activity

You may contact Modmail for verification before posting an image/ censoring questions

We’re adding these rules to the request rules to adjust the commission/request rules channels.

4.Request Rules

We’re adjusting our request rules to match with parts of the Commission rules. This comes as a result of lack of transparency when it came to report handling.
The following rules will be added:

1. Rev Share is not allowed in the server as a payment method.
2. Requests have to follow our Server base standards.
5$ flat price
Flat prices may be applied to sketches, classic nitro, single head shots and icons.

This applies to any art sample types that isn’t listed in the 5$ flat price category.

Writing: 3$ per 100 words or 30$ per 1k

*See NSFW rules above

4. Multiple characters on a single canvas still count as separate characters each and thus fall under our minimum rule.

5.Art & Law Podcast Trial

We’re opening the doors to a potentially nice addition to our server: Art&Law!
This is not a new crime show but a volunteer based server podcast giving the roundabouts of law when it comes to Art. This new feature will be especially interesting for artists who are just starting out and need legal advice for their TOS. The exact schedule is still in the works- hopefully we’ll be able to release it soon.