We have thousands of artists on our server that advertise their own commission service. They offer drawing/graphic arts so you have plenty of different style to select as a customer.
Join our community here: https://discord.gg/AKbNWr7

All of the artist commissions you see on this website front page can be easily contacted by joining our server and use the search field on top right and enter that artists name and last 4 digit example search for Sasiko#1234
Discord is a huge social platform with millions of users and any users are able to create their own personal servers.
We noticed there are huge abundance of artists scattered in so many communities, posting art, and barely being able to find customers. Due to many server rules of forbidding promoting websites or service we realized that was a problem

That is why we created our own discord server community with artist as focus in mind. More specifically, a specialized gather place to centralized for commissioning purposes. With this, we make it easier for artists to get exposure while giving potential customers this spot as the only one they need to find the right artist for them to commission.

– This is the place for you if you are an artist that want to get better exposure and more potential clients.

– This is the place for customers to find the right artist to commission as we have huge variety of different art style and types.

The staff assign artist role to advertise commision, verified seller and verified buyer roles to ensure another safety net for both parties. Beside the commissioning part we are also a social community who like to share arts, help each other with drawing feedback, discuss anything related with art and just have good time.

What we offer:

- Occassional giveaways such as paid licenses of Clip Studio Paint
- Sponsored contest prizes from company's like Celsys etc
- Channels of commission types
- Portfolios from verified artists
- Paid customer requests
- Art channel showcase. Artists sharing their recent work
- Drawing Critique. A dedicated channel where you can ask experienced artists for feedback
- Channels that include beginner and advanced drawing guides
- Art challenge
- A dedicated channel for verified artist eyes only so they can talk more private