[Discord-Artist]: Eijirou Daishin#1443

[Discord-Artist]: Eijirou Daishin#1443


Hello! Taking commissions right now!
***Accepting Live2D (half-body, full-body, bust-ups), book cover and character artwork, Twitter/Facebook/YT banner commissions!***

For character artwork price list, please see the sheet below.

***Other Prices:***

**1. Live2D (.cmox/.psd):**

100$(Bust-Ups)/ 150$ (half-body)/200$ (full-body)

*No rigging for now!*

**2. Book Covers:**

150$ (multiple characters with no background or a single character with background)/ 200$ (Multiple characters with background)

[Any other commission prices, such as banners, are to be discussed with the customer and then set up]

[Prices may go up or down depending on the complexity of your request!]

***Accepting PayPal/Xoom/Bank Transfer only.***

For more artwork examples: