[Discord-Artist]: IcyBeSimpin’🐧#7648

[Discord-Artist]: IcyBeSimpin’🐧#7648


What’s good my art peeps!! I’m opening up commissions as of now, however I can only do a certain amount of commissions so that I don’t overload myself with too much work as well as balancing my college assignments with my personal life. I hope I can provide the services needed to pay for my school supplies as well as mainly getting by in life.

So here’s will I be offering:

-Traditional Drawing (lineart): $7

-Traditional Drawing (colored): $13

-Digital Art (lineart): $15

Digital Art (flat colors) w/ background: $20
Digital Art (shading) w/ background: $25

-Digital Art (flat colors) w/o background $13

-Digital Art (shading) w/o background: $16

{Choose from Headshot, Half body, and Full body}

Digital Icon (flat color): $10
Digital Icon (shading): $15

I will only do humans, anthros, or Sonic characters.
I will not do NSFW (keeping it PG)


Some examples: