[Discord-Artist]: graydemesne#8888

[Discord-Artist]: graydemesne#8888


△ heyo heyo! i’ve got commissions open; i’m somewhat open to negotiation for a *slightly* lower price, by the way.

△ painted commissions are priced depending on character design complexity.
△ reference sheets start at 70 usd with at least 2 flat colored fullbodies (front and back views); additional reference drawings costing extra.
△ chibis cost **5 usd less** for colored sketches and simple/cel shaded art

✅ can do human/oid or furry/anthro
❎ age gaps/incest and nsfw

△ do take the time to read my tos and any further details here, as well as check out my portfolio: https://graydemesnecommissions.carrd.co/
△ if interested, feel free to dm me!! (or fill out the form linked on my site)