[Discord-Artist]: BaeSuii#5496

[Discord-Artist]: BaeSuii#5496


☃️☃️☃️ **[OPEN 4 Slots for Anime/Chibi Commission]** ☃️☃️☃️

Due to amount of my workload with current animation job, I am only **accepting character portraits, emotes, or character designs** for your pfp, twitch, youtube channels and your other social media platforms.

Payment method are in ***USD*** only via PayPal. **50% upfront and 50% final.**

⏬ **Base Rate** ⏬
🔸 Anime Character
30/40/60 (Bust/Half/Full)
20/25/30 (Bust/Half/Full)

⏬ Commercial Rates ⏬

Base Total Rate x 1.5 = Total Commission Rate
Example: 30 x 1.5 = 45

Anime/Chibi/BG Art Commission Info:

Social Media and Portfolio: https://linktr.ee/baesuii_

If interested, DM me or mail me at [email protected] Please read Terms of Service and use Order Info in the site.

☃️☃️ Thanks ☃️☃️