[Discord-Artist]: WarningWetFloor#7704

[Discord-Artist]: WarningWetFloor#7704


I’m a digital/trad user, but selling digital is so much easier than selling traditional. I can and will do any of the things specified below. Simple stuff like sketches or quick concepts I can make quickly will be close to the minimum price. But the more complicated and fully rendered stuff will cost more, we’ll discuss it.

I don’t like giving fixed prices, but all I can tell you is that my minimum is either $25 or $30

Here are my conditions, if you want me to commission me all you need to do is to DM.
Will do:
+ Logos
+ Graphic design (cover art, banners, that type of stuff)
+ Simple Video Editing
+ Portraits
+ Scenery Paintings
+ Character Designs
+ Mecha (I don’t recommend commissioning me for mechs but I CAN make them)
+ Furry stuff (SFW)
+ Full Body Art
+ Concept Art
+ Gore
+ (Very) Slight NSFW

Will NOT do in any situation:
+ NSFW (pornography, that stuff)

You can pay me through:
– PayPal OR GCash