[Discord-Artist]: Yurievnart#5420

[Discord-Artist]: Yurievnart#5420


Commisions are open!

❎What I won’t do: Mecha , Furries (minus anthros) , heavy background, Heavy NSFW

☑️What I will do : Emotes, Icons (for discord and twitch) , Fanart, OC art, pet portraits, Chibis, illustrations, DnD Character art
🌟I fully color and shade every piece unless a client asks otherwise!

🌟I take my payments through Fiverr which let’s you use PayPal to pay!

Fullbody: 35$
Half-body: 20$
Icon: 10$
Headshot portrait: 10$
Per Emote: 5$
🌟My Twitter and Carrd will be linked below, have a nice day!