[Discord-Artist]: monsterbbit [Zach]#6772

[Discord-Artist]: monsterbbit [Zach]#6772


🌸🌺 Commissions open! 🌺🌸

My next term of classes starts this coming week and I need to go supply shopping so I thought I’d post my prices in this channel!

βœ… Yes: Fancharacters, Fancy clothing, armor, backgrounds/scenes (will cost extra, willing to discuss price depending on detail!), pastel/candy gore (dm for examples!), furries, ferals, ponies, and more!

❌ No: NSFW, Undertale, FNAF, Canon mlp characters, realistic gore, anything promoting hate speech

✨ Payment is required upfront and will be USD thru PayPal ✨

Social links
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/monsterbbit?s=09
– Kofi: http://ko-fi.com/monsterbbit/commissions
– IG: https://www.instagram.com/monsterbbit/