[Discord-Artist]: vecinom______praznina#3801

[Discord-Artist]: vecinom______praznina#3801


I have 2 slots open (pm me if you need more examples of my art)
How to – email me at [email protected] with your proporsal and include a description, images, references, drawings, photos (this may be for clothes, faceclaims, poses or anything you want included). The more references and details i have the easier my job will be.

I accept 50% of payment up front via paypal so please include your paypal email in your inquiry. I will send you an envoice and once that is paid i will begin your commision.

I will provide progress and allow small changes, bigger changes may require extra fee.

If i think what you required is too much for my ability as an artist i can deny you as a client.

If for any reason i wasn’t able to do anything past the sketch in time you required i will refund you.