[Discord-Artist]: UszatyArbuz#0379


I’m offering **animated floating babies**! Accepting animals and CS only (no humanoids, sorry!)

> fullbody | soft coloring | minimal shading | floating + blinking sequence | solid color background | ~300x300px canv size
**$20,00 / 2000 dA points** +$5 for complex designs

Details: https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/174975.-floating-bbies-comms-4-4-open-
ToS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dixb49MIR-tSfZCteQu2nM2mI1at1Gm8JdJMQgrxw84/edit?usp=sharing

You can DM or message me on ToyHou.se, Twitter or DeviantArt under the same username ( uszatyarbuz )! <33