[Discord-Artist]: RED#7565

Hullo everyone!

It’s that time again…. ➡️ **COMISSIONS ARE OPEN!**⬅️ – *Available Spots* = 5


I’m a bit late on opening this month’s queue because of life, but to make up for lost time, I’ve decided to let this queue run straight through **November & December** as well! 😄 This means that I will refresh / rotate spots on my queue as I work through commissions.

*How will you ever keep track of the queue though?….*

✨ BY JOINING MY BRAND SPANK’N NEW DISCORD! ✨ ~ https://discord.gg/CubMMv5pC5

Yes, that’s right, I’ve finally put one together! 🥳 I’ve also added some interesting roles that can easily be achieved in order to get discounts on commissions!
Don’t miss out and be sure to invite your friends, you’ll be glad that you did! 💕

Thank you again for all your love and support through my rough patch in October, you guys and gals are freak’n amazing and I appreciate you more than you know. ♥️