[Discord-Artist]: Kaine#8349

[Discord-Artist]: Kaine#8349


Commission slots are open! Anyone looking for a commission, please do not hesitate to DM if you are interested. Slot for this month 2/4

Bust up (35$/chara)
Waist up (50$/chara)
Additional chara costs another 45$/each
Fullbody (60$/chara)
Additional chara costs another 50$/each
Additional details cost another 10$
Adding background starts at 40$
Additional charge may persist depending on difficulty.

I do:
– most of the things, actually it’s best to PM to know for sure what I can do (before that, see what I don’t do so you will save some time)

I don’t:
– Yaoi
– Furry
– Gore
– Anything appalling or repulsive

Big notes:
” I don’t accept any commission that involves recreation of other artist’s artwork or artstyle. I will said it straight out, I hate those”

Commission info can be found in here: https://duskgarden.wixsite.com/1point1/commission
More artworks can be seen here: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/13606041
The work process ranging from 3 days to a week depending on difficulty