[Discord-Artist]: fofa#7690

[Discord-Artist]: fofa#7690


Henlo !! I’m soymilktm and i do character artwork commissions !!
I can also offer emote commission too for discord and twitch.

I can do:
People (will be stylized)
Fictional Characters (OCs, cartoons, anime, etc.)
Neko-mimi (human with animal ears/tail) .

Things I can’t/won’t do:
Super complex looking weapon
Anthropomorphic characters (furries)

If you want more information visit my google docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K4BL8ZPZvD6sCW-wy6M_KzExgQfg9fgVD3ZF0Q5ZVeA/edit?usp=sharing