[Discord-Artist]: milkyparfait#4233

[Discord-Artist]: milkyparfait#4233



Hey there, Milky here! I’ve got my commissions open once again! (USD Paypal only!)
I’m currently in need of buying some food for my family, as well as buying food for my kitties! 🐱 So any help would be highly appreciated! sparkling_heart

SPECIAL SALE! If you order 1 chibi + 1 sketch, you’ll get both for 28$! ✨

If interested please feel free to DM me! I’ll be happy to draw for you!
Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 💖

I’m also opening my NSFW commissions! Looking to practice some stuff, if interested feel free to contact me! 💖

(Internet connection is a bit fuzzy so my replies may be spotty. I’ve also got other orders to complete, so please be patient!)

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Discord: milkyparfait#4233