[Discord-Artist]: madhu#4084

[Discord-Artist]: madhu#4084


🎨 **Art Style:**
Realistic/Painterly OR Semi-realistic/Cartoon-y

✅ **Will do:**
Original Characters, Fanart, Ship art, Real People, Animals, Non-explicit Nudity, Reference Sheets
✨ **Best at** (but not limited to):
Humanoids, women, fantasy RPG/D&D characters, people of color, LGBT & gender non-conforming individuals, feline ferals/animals

**Other Info:**
Paypal, payment at least 50% upfront, 1-3 week turnaround time.

Portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/madhurart/

Please fill out this form to reserve a spot: https://forms.gle/RGUHS4CtqgWhPdKk7
My DMs are open for any questions. Looking forward to working with you!