[Discord-Artist]: MKPanty#5963

[Discord-Artist]: MKPanty#5963


Yo yo! I’m Panty/Mimi! Throwing my portfolio link here since I currently have commissions up and running! I finally organized myself to where I can squeeze a bunch of art time in-between school, woo! πŸŒˆπŸ’


πŸ’**Immediate things you should know**πŸ’
1.) I am a Western Cartoonist. I **do not** draw Anime. However, I do dabble in realism occasionally (that’s used for practice and understanding when I draw it)

2.) I am only 17, so I **am not** of age for NSFW art. Even once I turn 18, I still **will not be comfortable with drawing nsfw.** So if you are interested, please avoid asking if that’s included.

3.) My turnaround times are either the same day or 2-3 days depending on interruptions from irl (homework is an example or an emergency), and how detailed the commission will be. My breaks do not last long, so I make sure to get the drawing back to the buyer ASAP.

Anywho, here are soooooome …