[Discord-Artist]: atoyako ✿ヅ#0808


✨ heya, the name’s atoyako. i’m an american animator with a love for theatre, heavy metal, my job, and anything unique and artistic!

🪐 whether you just want a character still or a full animation, i’ve got ya covered with lots of style, options, and care; all at relatively inexpensive prices! i specialize in cartoon character animation (rubberhose being one of my favorites!!) and put a strong emphasis on personality, movement, composition, and aesthetic/polish.
versatility is also rather important to me, so almost nothing’s too goofy nor serious for me!

🌟 i’m also willing to providing additional commercial services for games, shows, advertisements, merchandise, youtube channels, ETC! just contact me and we can discuss it.

🌠 interested?~
• https://atoyakosartshop.carrd.co/ ≪ learn more here!
• https://ko-fi.com/atoyako ≪ after that, you can send in an order here~
• https://www.deviantart.com/atoyako/gallery/featured ≪ additional examples!