[Discord-Artist]: Silerna#3327

[Discord-Artist]: Silerna#3327


Hello! My commissions are open! Digital Anime art, landscapes or funny animals 😍

I draw :
-Your characters and fanart.
-friendships/groups and any type of couple (no nfsw). Yaoi or Yuri is fine as long it’s not pornographic or any nfsw at all.
-fantasy characters such as fairies,elves , half-human – half-animal etc.

I don’t draw :
– no violence or gore
-any weird fetishes or pornographic material.
-Sci-fi or mecha.
-characters not designed by you.

Interested? DM me here or leave me an email on [email protected] πŸ˜„ you can also leave me a message on my Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/silernaa/