[Discord-Artist]: PrixieDust#1163

[Discord-Artist]: PrixieDust#1163


Commission Promo are Available on my Ko-fi

Save $5 to $200+ worth of Art by Supporting me on Ko-fi !

•Explaning the list below•

Ex. Kofi (x10)
By Giving me 10 Coffee ($5 Each | $50 total) You will get all the Price listed from Coffee x1 to Coffee x10

That’s a Total of 12 Art for $50 only!!!
• 2 headshot (flat & Shaded)
• 2 Bust (flat & Shaded)
• 2 Halfbody (flat & Shaded)
• 2 [3/4 body] (flat & Shaded)
• 2 Fullbody (flat & Shaded)
• 1 headshot Semi Realism
• 1 bust Semi Realism

–Dm to see my Anime Semi Realism style.

—-The Commission Pricelist below is to show you my Original Price so you could see how much money you’ll save!!

—No Installment
(ex.) Buying 1 kofi today and Buying another 1 kofi for the next day, weeks, month just to get the next Promo, No, must pay everything you need at Once.
Installment are Available on my Original Commission.

—-No NSFW/SFW, No Mecha, No Complex Details, No BG (These are Available on my Original Commission Price sheet.)

Support and claim these Promo!! 💕
Help me reach my Goal ($100) for my Fur Babies!
Promo will end shortly once I reach the Goal.