[Discord-Artist]: Luna, The Mad Cat#6891

I really need a client…
I dropped down my price list as well.
Anime: Portrait/ Bust / Thighs up = $15 ( include character + simple background )
Semi realistism: P / B / T = $35 ( include character + simple background )

NO mecha, furries, heavy gore.

You pay half of price upfront. Payal, Cashapp are acceptable. I will post up to 5 pics of the progress.

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• Sharing this is a HUGEEE appreciationnn! Swipe to see the process and sketch. Aye! Moon festival is almost there! It is the time you enjoy tasting mooncake 🥮 If you don’t know what mooncake is. It is originally from Chinese tradition. The dough is tough enough outside and its inside has different flavor such as lotus seed paste, red bean, kernel seeds and roasted porks (yum!), and many more flavors! Art thoughts: When I sketch a drawing, I honestly thought it looked suck, but then I trusted myself and believed that I can make it even better! Man, I love art. Beautiful arts can even make me cry easily. ^^; I continued painting it over and over anddd ideas just coming to me so I go all out! I love how the lights of the lanterns came out. So beautiful…( ; ; ) —Ah, anyway, I turned my Chinese Lady tradition sketch into a fabulous colorful lady, and I’m proud of what I drew! ᕦ(òvóˇ)ᕤ Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ #pleasefollowme #aesthetic #aestheticart #artistsoninstagram #ciefeature #artfeature #artist #instagramart #artoftheday🎨 #arttag2k20 #thisisanewtagforartists❤️ #newartist #digitalartist #digitalart #chineseart #moonart🌙 #moonfestival #semirealism #drawthisinyourstyle #digitalillustration #digitalartwork #artistboost

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