[Discord-Artist]: Shiragii#3299

[Discord-Artist]: Shiragii#3299


(2 out of 2 slots still available)

Heyaaa~ I’ve finished the illust I was working on so I’m opening 2 slots again for discounted commissions~!

If you’re interested, feel free to dm me here or at https://facebook.com/shiragii/ or https://twitter.com/shiragii_/

(Examples of my recent commissions can be found on Facebook ^^)

You can see more of my artworks at https://pixiv.me/shiragii

Thanks and have a nice day~

Note: I spent twice as much time than I usually do on the example artwork (1st photo) putting details so if you want it to be a fully-dedicated illustration that’s as detailed as that, it’ll be twice the price, ahaha