[Discord-Artist]: SilentFeather#6310


Will do:
– Yourself in my style
– Fanart of Characters
– Your original Characters
– NSFW (Will cost a little extra)
– Furry’s

Won’t do:
– Hardcore Fetishes
– Mecha/Robots
– Heavy Gore (A little is ok)

– I have the right to refuse any Commission services if I feel uncomfortable
– You will pay half the Price for me to do the sketch and pay me full after I finished the whole drawing
– Payment will be done trough PayPal
– Depending on what you ordered it will take me from 3 Days to 2 weeks to finish the Drawing

Human Prices
Headshot: 10€ (With Shading +5€)
Half Body: 15€ (With Shading +5€)

Animal Prices
Headshot: 5€ (With Shading +2€)
Half Body: 7€ (With Shading +2€)
Full Body: 10€ (With Shading +2€)

+5€ for an extra character

Animation Prices start by 50€ (Will do stuff like animation memes or GIFs or little emotes)

With Background (Depending on Complexity) from 10- to 20€.