[Discord-Artist]: Karma#0009

[Discord-Artist]: Karma#0009


hi hi hi!
im opening up commissions again with a fresh new start!

i will draw:

♡ : Furries, feral animals

♡ : Any poses (once not sexual)

i wont draw:
♡ : NSFW, nudity, or any suggestive content. Please note i am a minor and i dont draw such things.

♡ : avians, scailies or reptiles. i am currently practicing drawing scales and beaks and things, so its not too good! the reason i have this rule is because i want my artwork to be as high effort as i can make it and wont be drawing things i am unable to draw properly yet. so sorry!

♡ : any hateful, racist, sexist or homophobic art.

♡ : complicated backdrops/backgrounds. i will make the background transparent unless you state not to, so then you can add your own background of choice.

*i only do the chibi style drawing on lineless solid and lined solid. I only do chibi on items $8 or more.*

Please consider commissioning me! im currently saving up for a procreate brush package so it will be highly appreciated!
donations/tips are appreciated so much too!


bye bye ♡