[Discord-Artist]: Cascading#3845

[Discord-Artist]: Cascading#3845


Hello! I’m Cas c:

**Bust: $25**
**Half: $40**
**Fullbody: $55**

You get a 20% discount for just a sketch
You get 50% off a second person *(yes, I do couple art if interested)*
A background ranges from $20-40 depending on complexity

I’m *willing* to do Humans, D&D Characters, Fantasy Characters(Elves, Demons, Satyrs, etc)
I’m *not willing* to do NSFW, Animals, Gore
I’m *open* to Furry/Anthro art, however this is not my strong suit so bear with me

***All commissions are automatically submitted to my social media (will tag/mention you), so if you are not comfortable with this then please let me know beforehand!***

DM me if interested