[Discord-Artist]: Vlad the Dracula#7602

[Discord-Artist]: Vlad the Dracula#7602

I am offering creating of basic and not too complex 3D models, this excludes things like cars, faces, humans or humanoid creatures and animals. This does include any kind of props ; environments and their features, such as building, roads; landscapes; 3D version of a 2D logo; and regular items like lamps, book, etc.

I will provide:
-Realistic Ray-traced renders.
-3D Model along with source file
-HD-4k textures
-Lighting, Composition and basic post processing for renders
[Depending on your package]

Big orders like environments and landscape might take longer than 3 days, discuss the details in chat.

I will be able to deliver .fbx, .obj and other common model files, excludes 3dmax and maya ones. I will produce the model in blender and will also be willing to share the .blend file if requested.

My work is fast and efficient, I am passionate about it and try my best to make things as best as possible. Will look forward to hearing from you.


Check out my fiverr if you are interested and we can discuss or DM:
Prices start at $20 only