[Discord-Artist]: santay#2535

doing commissions!
my prices are…

bust/headshot for people: 10$ nitro

Full body for anthro animals:10$ nitro

Full body for people:20$ nitro

Sketches for anthro animals: 5$ nitro

Sketches for people: 5$ nitro

emotes/emojis for anthro animals; for a pack: 10$ nitro for 3 emojis: 5$ nitro

emojis for human: pack: 20$ nitro
for 3 emojis: 10$ nitro

for anthro animal pfp (any website)
5$ nitro

for human pfp (any website)
10$ nitro

check my art and prices on my website link down below! dm for commission(s) and dm ref and what you want so i know! im **OPEN!**