[Discord-Artist]: GhostCoast#4751

[Discord-Artist]: GhostCoast#4751


Hello!! I’m Ghost, and I have commissions open! I don’t have a set number of slots so, DM me or use the commission form I linked here! ❤️

⭐️ [ FORM ]

✅ I can draw ferals, furries, and humans! If you’d like to see more examples, you can contact me! I’m still setting up my portfolio on my website at the moment.
⛔ I do not draw NSFW/pinup, mecha, gore, or hate-promotion!

✨ My commission sheet only shows journal dolls, but I can also draw scenes ($30 USD) and sketches ($5-10 USD) / sketch pages ($35 USD)! More details can be found on my Carrd!
⭐️ I only accept payment in PayPal.