[Discord-Artist]: Lvcielle#9973

[Discord-Artist]: Lvcielle#9973


**Commissions for sketches & bust ups are open!**
As the end of the month is nearing I’m in need of money so here I am
PayPal payment! **(other currencies welcome)**
7 day delivery! (14 day maxmimum but never happened before)

Sketch: 10€
Bust up: 25€

**Will do:**
OC’s, reallife people, fanart for video games or anime, fantasy art, lewd & slight NSFW, gore

**Will not/can not do:**
Mecha/robots, Furries/Ponies, Very old people
*Female characters preferred*

DM me here on Discord, Instagram (Lvcielle) or use the form on my website! <3 More info: https://lvcielle.wixsite.com/lvcielle/commissions More art: https://www.instagram.com/lvcielle/