[Discord-Artist]: IORisen (Coms open 2020)#0551

**Commissions are currently open. I am always open on my available days.
What I’m not going to be drawing for now:**
Male anime characters.
Copy fanart. Draw original poses of fanart.( Fanart may vary)
no hands or feet references.
3D backgrounds and characters.

Artist Information: The character I go by and represent is Aza. I have 6 years of drawing experience. I have experiences in some manga/anime art styles and some cartoon art styles. You can always ask questions about other types of styles and we can work something out If its in my ability.

Payment preference: My preferred payment method is Paypal **only**.


ANIME https://www.instagram.com/p/CD9cXymDQps/

If you wish to see more of my work, I am still a noob on these platforms so you can visit:
https://twitter.com/Aza07129880 1
**Payment prices for CARTOONS: (Based off coloring)

Plain base color: 6$
Shades and details: 12$

**Payment: Prices for ANIME:

Profile picture(head shot): 7$ (uncolored) +3$ (details and colored)

Bust (head to shoulder): 15$ (detailed and colored)

Half Body: 25$( uncolored) +4$ (details and colored)

Full Body: 35$ (uncolored) +8$ (details and colored)

EXTRAS +15$ (*If you only want a background, then it will just be 15$)
another character (minimum of 2 per canvas)

If you wish to commission me, please contact me here or https://www.instagram.com/detroit_aza/