[Discord-Artist]: Plupi#6475

[Discord-Artist]: Plupi#6475


Henlo~ This is plups! I like tuna and drawing 😀
My commissions are open and I’m pretty much fine drawing almost anything as long as it’s fun uwu
Feel free to DM me here or message me on IG or anywhere else lmao
> 30$ Portrait
> 70$ Half-body
> 110$ Full-body

> +20$ Add BG
> +20$ If no refs or I’ll be the one designing

> 50/50 payments done through PayPal.
> Changes are allowed in sketch and base color stage.
> I’m fine with NSFW, gore, etc. Still inexperienced in mecha tho.

Here a linke uwu https://www.instagram.com/plupi_art/