[Discord-Artist]: Antron90#2486

—–●~$-~-$-~-Antron90 shop-~-$-~-$~●—–

Free plan: You must be followed to my twitch

✅ Make you a server
✅ 3 roles
✅ 5 channels
✅ basic server ad
✅ basic bot ad

Medium plan: send something that cost many (boost my server,nitro classic,ect) Anything you would like to send me that does not cost alot
Send one thing get access to all medium

✅ giveaways for 1 week
✅ events for you for 1 week
✅ medium server ad
✅ medium bot ad
✅ server icon

Expert plan: must send nitro of your choice (i would like to have nitro instwad of nitro classic but your choice)

✅ will make your server the best server i can do any topic
✅ will make emojis
✅ have acess to other plans
✅ advertise your server for 1 week
✅ will moderate anything you would like for 1 week
✅ i can advertise anything you would like
✅ i can do a custom command

Dm me if you would like any of my plans
Extra purchase a plan that cost a price and you might get something special