[Discord-Artist]: GMATS#4460

[Discord-Artist]: GMATS#4460


“ψ(`∇´)ψ it’s me, frustr8d!!! I have updated my comm sheet!!!! I would love to draw art for you!!!!! Currently still on quarantine with no work and i have to pay bills atm QuQ

But hey check out my twt account if you wanna window shop!!!

I can do:
❤ OCs
❤ Fanart
❤ IRL People
❤ Humanoids (devils, catgirl/boy, etc)
❤ Lewds (to be discussed in DMs)

I wont do:
💀 NSFW (full nakie)
💀 Gore
💀 Mecha
💀 Furries
💀 Complicated backgrounds

Reach me in my DMs or on my twitter!