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🌻🌻Artstyle Challenge!🌻🌻 *♡*Shares go a long way*♡* 🌻 These are only a few of the people I look up to, not only for their art but for their characters and imagination- skill- and memes lmao. I have a few more I planned to draw, but since i am moving i thought I'd do these three first! 🌻 A breakdown of their style and why I chose it: @miia_draws_ I drew your style bc you have such a fun and cute chibi-like style. I love the lineart, and I made a few brush changes to get the look 😛 I felt like I did the style somewhat justice lol. I also really love how you simplify hair- It felt nice to just go with the flow. Your meme comics are a ton of fun to look at, especially bc they include characters I loved as a kid :> 🌻 @layanacmt I drew this version of your style because I really enjoy the creative freedom you take with drawing noses and mouths. It's super cute and I had so much fun recreating the lineart style- I didnt exactly do everything as you do, mainly bc I didnt really know how you would recreate my character in your style. It was mostly guessing how you would do things haha. I like your other style as well, and I do intend on drawing that style too- it's just a lot easier bc of the method. I wanted to do this one bc it rlly challenged me. 🌻 @marchelorayner last but not least- I really love your style and how you highlight. I love the shape you put to lips, and the expressions you can give your artwork. I am a huge fan of how you saturate your colors and keep the lineart. I also super love how you make your outside lineart black and keep the inside lineart a slightly darker color of what its touching. Idk how else to describe it- basically your work is inspiring af. 🌻 I really hope you guys dont get offended by how much I botched stuff but I am pretty happy with the results personally :> thanks for tolerating me btw 🏷 #artstylechallenge

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