[Discord-Artist]: Endeavor#0001

> Luxurious designs masterfully crafted to perfection to suit your business’ needs, exceeding beyond the modern industry’s standards to promote your brand.

Heyllo! I’m Endeavor. I specialize in graphic design, particularly branding and logo design. Have a look at what I offer!

1. Branding Designs
2. Logo Designs
3. Thread Designs
4. Banner Designs
5. Web Designs
6. UI Designs

**NOTE** This list is in order of expertise, with what I am more experienced with being at the top.

> 💰 **Payment Methods** I primarily deal with PayPal, but I also accept cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH).

What are you waiting for? Realize your dream brand identity and with a luxurious design!

**Portfolio:** https://work.endeavor.pw