[Discord-Artist]: ウジplays [X-SQUAD]#4819

[Discord-Artist]: ウジplays [X-SQUAD]#4819


Hi guys,

My name is Uzi and I have been drawing emotes. for an year now for streamers(twitch, youtube, mixer).
PM me if interested in commissioning me.

💠 P R I C E S:
1 EMOTE – $10
2 EMOTES – $15
after that each emote is $5
same goes for sub badges

💠 C O N N E C T:
Fell free to DM me on twitter or discord as I’m almost all the time online and ready to help the buyer and keep them updated on the art progress. Any revisions are for free!

💠 P A Y M E N T:
Payment only via Paypal!