[Discord-Artist]: Deck of Souls#7450

[Discord-Artist]: Deck of Souls#7450


I’m Nova, and i’m an animator mostly!
From small animated icons to full animated videos that you can find on my YouTube Deck of Souls.
I ACTUALLY am currently closed for animation commissions until MARCH! but if you want to be put on my animation wait list just dm me! All other comms are options.

I do also take regular commissions from flat colored to detailed works and posters!
I want to get into the swing of selling stickers and posters so please feel free to ask me to make you a poster or a sticker sheet and print to ship to you! It would be great practice for me if you are interested!
I also now offer phone backgrounds, a new thing I have been doin and I rather enjoy!

It would be great if you could consider getting a commission for me! Currently all money im making is either going for bills or to my fund so i can pay for the service dog I have to help with my mental, emotional and even physical needs so any bit helps!
If you dont want to commission me but still want to support ill link my ko-fi where if you donate as little as a dollar you can see a bUNCH of stuff i havent posted anywhere else!

All my prices, examples, and social media are in my webpage linked here
DM or email ( [email protected] )
and ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/deckofsouls

Ill now send one example of a few of my favorite recent works and you can always see more on my webpage!