[Discord-Artist]: IRouji#7369

[Discord-Artist]: IRouji#7369


Am IRouji a digital artist you can check my works and social media here :

****Dm me if you are interested ^^***

I do Semi-realistic Commission Close to Sakimichan Works ^^

– PayPal only, payment after Sketch is approved .
-i upload the piece in 4k suitable for large prints( you get a signed version and one without )

-i will paint for you :
Any character you like ^^
* Only human and adopts
* Male/Female ecchi but no Nsfw
Including complex realistic background
* sfw but i really make them look Hot (buffed/thick)
-waiting time: ~1 week

*sketch: $15

*portrait: $40

*Halfbody: $70

*Fullbody: $95

with extra $ 30 you can have naked version only covered with Small stikers just like Bowsette on my deviantart ^^ : https://www.deviantart.com/irouji/art/Bowsette-dare-820591142

*Background included for FREE+++

*Extra character:+$45

*Payments starts after sketch is approved
+You will be updated regularly of the work in progress