[Discord-Artist]: Yorium#4984

[Discord-Artist]: Yorium#4984


**◽ Hey everyone!**
> Gfx artist since now 6 years i can do a variety of work, avatar, banner, signature, layout, profile pic, and much more.
> You can found my work on different place like DA or MAL.

**◽ My Portfolio:**
> Here:
> *Work i mainly did for other people in the past*

> Can also found me on **DeviantArt**, even if less active

> All my information and price are on that link but here a preview:

**◽ Avatar:** 8€ (30 mins of work)
**◽ Signature:** 13€ (1h minimun)
**◽ Profile Picture:** 15€ (1h minimun)
**◽ Banner:** 15-45€ (1-3h minimun)
**◽ Layout:** 40-95€ (3-10h minimun)
**◽ Other:** 12€/h, depend of the amount of work

*Any additional change during the commission process will be charged extra*

**◽ Contact me:**
> Discord (most of the time active there): **Yorium#4984**
> MAL Profile:

** Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon**