[Discord-Artist]: Marie#9646

[Discord-Artist]: Marie#9646



Hello guys! I’m **opening up my 750×750 icon commissions** as I’m currently in need of some money (saving for educational funds once I transfer schools) <:dyinginside:589251285706997781>

One icon typically starts at **$20.00** but can go up to **$25.00** depending on character complexity!

**Dm me if you’re interested in commissioning me!** My ordering process is easy as pie:
> **I will send a sketch > Payment is sent thru Paypal > Finished piece will be delievered.**

> During the sketch process, **please inform me of any adjustments you need made!** Once lineart is applied, there will be **no refunds!**

**My art typically takes a week or two to finish** if there is a waiting list or my brain has just completely farted. But if there is no waiting list, it’ll possibly be shorter.

**Thank you so much in advance!**