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Hello guys. I now go by the name Hellfire Bomber (Or HellfireBomber depending on the website). I’m a 19 year old artist who loves to make comics, fanart, and even the occasional ****post. I love drawing other people’s characters too; always fun to get out of ny comfort zone ?

**Things I will happily draw for you**
-Oc X Canon (as long as it’s not child x adult)
-Human or Humanoid
-Somewhat Suggestive

**Things I will not draw**

-Heavy Gore
-Certain NSFW
-Loli and Shota
-Hate Art

If you want to commission me, feel free to message me on Instagram or on Discord. As always have a spooky season.

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Repost because I messed up on the commission sheet Hello everybody. I know it's kinda early but I decided maybe I should do some commissions here on Instagram. I'm gonna be posting my old work here. So get ready for some more art along the way. I know it's not the best commission sheet but I hope you can understand what it says. Because I suck at commission sheets! ? But before I ramble on, let's get into the rules shall we? 1. Please do not trace, redistribute, copy, or claim as your own without my consent. Doing so will cause me to report you. 2. Please have a clear reference of your oc. It doesn't matter if it's from a dollmaker (I sometimes use dollmakers for character ideas), another commission, or if you drew it yourself. As long as I have a clear image of the oc, it's okay. 3. Please pay half or full upfront. I accept paypal for any transactions. But to prevent anyone scamming me, I will not provide refunds (I'm sorry). Once the commission is done, please pay the other half. 4. Please be nice. I get really uncomfortable if you start cussing at me or get a little aggressive. If you have an issue, please don't be afraid to tell me. Just do it in a civil manner or I will cancel your commission. 5. If you show your commission to your followers, please give credit. That's all I have to say for now. As always, see you next time. DM me if you want a commission. Bye Arachne/Zira, the demonic popstar, and Hellfire belong to me. Hollow Knight belongs to Team Cherry. Bomberman belongs to Konami/Hudson Spinel belongs to Rebecca Sugar #commissionsopen #commissionsheet #commissionswelcome #commissioninfo #commissionme #commissionartist #hollowknightoc #bombermanoc #semianime

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