[Discord-Artist]: 『 charisma overkill 』#3156

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╼♥╾ So hi I like to make people happy owo. A lot of people seemed to like when I did those surprise gifts last year with polls in my story buT this time Imma just go straight for a post, so really all you need to do to place a request is comment your oc hashtag (example; #corbysocs oR #corbysocs_amrita ) and I’ll choose who to do ewe, if you share it to your story and mention me it’ll most likely up your chance of getting picked as well. You can also dm me if you’re shy to publicly place a request I get it uwu. Only rule I could say is to be following me ewe cause yknow that’s how it be sometimes – I do all types of art except nsfw. Do animal, anthro, human, furries, random creatures are all accepted. Even if you have a request that doesn’t involve your oc, go for it ? I’ll do game, tv, manga type characters let’s gooo – If you want your request to be guaranteed and prioritized to being one of the first drawn, you can commission instead for $5usd over PayPal ╼♥╾ ???? ??????; #art #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawing #animestyle #knic_support #oc #ocdrawing #ocart #ocs #originalcharacter #flyingpings #requestsopen ╼♥╾

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