Commission Artist: spod#6666

hihi im spod!! <:ohispod:418892292804575254>
im trying to save some money/gear up my character so im opening up f2 pic/bns character commissions!
im on the NA Yura server so gold can only be done on the NA servers :, ) and for usd, paypal!

IGN: Hiwami (NA Yura)
Discord tag: spod#6666
dA: (very outdated)

<:spodhug:409849976479285251> slots: taking 5 for now! [open]

<:spodcomfy:418302379260248064> pricing: gold & paypal
mostly doing chibi/half bodies! – if you want details like weapons, additional characters, pets, let me know because it will be a price increase!
feel free to ask to see the full res pictures in my samples below!
* i also do nsfw, ask me about it if you are interested!

<:spodhappy:351154688281935876> some notes:
– your commission can take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks, depending on how busy i am! (summer is coming up, so i’ll be more free)
– once the sketch has been provided, payment must be paid shortly afterwards when we are both on
– buyer receives a larger resolution png + smaller jpg of their commission
– i can decline if i feel the request is not suited to my style, please don’t take it personally!
– you’re welcome to message me asking about the status, i don’t bite!

dm me if you’re interested! <:spodcomfort:411481169255858176>