Commission Artist: Nise#7146

Commission Artist: Nise#7146 hi! My name is Nise and I’m opening some F2 profile pictures commissions :DDD
Here’s my art site:

What i can do:
– F2 Pictures will only show half-body to show it better in game
– I preffer/i am better at drawing females. But I can draw males too
– I can do perv looking pics (but not sexual content/explicit nsfw)

Here’s an example, since i can do 2 different types:

1st- ***Normal colored character***
-Price: …. 70€. (80-85€ with high detailed outfit).

2nd- ***Blue & Yellow***
-Price: …. 40€ (50€ with high detailed outfit).

-*Paypal only*

You’ll get the full hd file and a size-fixed file for bns, if needed.
Send me a message if you’re interested ? ❤