Commission Artist: Carlos4#2659

Commission Artist: Carlos4#2659❤ OPEN❤
Hello my name is Carlosy, I am taking Art Commissions in Blade and Soul (EU/NA). Read the message below for information!
(Paypal only)
Face only :15€ (background is free)
Full Body : 60€
Half Body : 45€
Extras (Pet,Weapon,Cat,background) 5€+
(White and traspearent background is free)

3.Server: EU/NA

I draw only 1 character/person in my commission, so no 2 character/person in commission
I prefer to draw Lyn’s or “Skinny” Characters so muscular characters like Gon is a no no!
When i have finished drawing i will give you the result in SAMPLE. I will remove the “SAMPLE” when you have paid me on PayPal.