Commission Artist: bloss#6889

Commission Artist: bloss#6889 blossoms (NA Yura)
contact: please pm me on discord!

Hi everyone! I’ll be opening up a few slots for chibi commissions once again.~~ In game gold
slots will be limited to NA and I will only have one open~~ <:mwsweat:373908379804106752> (filled)


1000g base (NA only) | $25 USD (paypal)

+ 200g or $5 for any weapon/pet/familiar
+ 200g or $5 for a simple background
+ 800g or $20 for an extra character

– you’ll recieve high resolution files along with a cropped f2 version
– I’m able to also do non-bns related work
– feel free to ask me if you would like to see some other samples of the same style
– work should be completed in 1-2 weeks
– you don’t need to own every piece of cosmetic, just list what you want
– I love rats!!
– please pm me here on discord if you have any other questions!