Commission Artist: Artist Infinite#6140

Commission Artist: Artist Infinite#6140[Summer Sale is now over!]
Hey guys! I’m saving up for Vacation right now and I’ve updated my commission information! Summer sale is now over, so we’re back to the regular prices. Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity!

Any further interest just shoot me a PM here or on discord:
Discord tag: Artist Infinite#6140

Read more info down below:

For more Commission examples check out my dA Gallery and or Portfolio found below!
Please Note/PM me your order form (down below), and I’ll send you the information once I accepted your commission(s).
I’ll try to reply ASAP!

IRL/POINT Commissions: Open

Can be found here:

No refunds once payment has been accepted. By sending payment you agree to my
ToS that is found here:
Please PM me your request if interested with the title: “Commission”
With this information as your card:

Character Name(s):
Type wanted (Full body or Half):
Extra Information : (extra characters etc)
Paypal account & E-mail: (If neeed)

Add any details you will like for ex: Character description.
Please be patient upon to reply back to you. Thank you very much for your interest.

Unlimited till further notice. A link will be give to you where you can check the progress of your commission upon payment.