Commission Artist: ♚ああ、愛しい♚#1639

Hello!! I have around three commission slots open for anything you’d like [ asides from proper NSFW stuff. ] I can do some NSFW which involves gore, and poses and such but nothing too bad, as I usually work at home around family.

? Portfolio –
? Commission sheet & Guidelines – [ May vary, for example with Animal OC’s, yes I can do fursonas, and real life animals, but I cannot do cartoon animals or Ponysona’s ]

? Contact – [email protected] or through my DM’s!

I’m also considering opening commissions to do Danganronpa sprites, so if you need any of those, I can work with you and create something. An example of a sprite can be found over on my instagram

I hope you have a nice day and consider commissioning me! It’ll really help, and I promise to provide some good art in return.