Featured Artists

Commission Artists for Digital Arts with fast and easy transactions.
DM to Sasiko#1234 if you want your art featured and showcased here.

1st picture drawn by Huskey#2390
2nd picture drawn by elisalem#1515
3rd picture drawn by Minaxie#5390
4th picture drawn by Louise#2753
5th picture drawn by Seraphinit#7334
6th picture drawn by J.C.#9267
7th picture drawn by ArthasVie#8331


We have a reward program for our helpful members. Every month, our staff will select several members for helping other members by either answering other members questions or helping them with constructive feedback.

We award them 1 month Nitro classic.

There are also arbitrarily Nitro/Games giveaways where everyone can enter, so be sure to check our channel when we announce our giveaways.


To advertise commission service, the user needs to manually contact the staff via modmail and send their application with the necessary information. We will then go through the applicant’s tickets and verify the art validity and ownership of the portfolio websites. This is to prevent random users from scamming potential clients.
We also have several discord tiered roles for buyers and artists where they can only attain those roles if they bought sold/purchased artworks.


We have 40 000 members with active members who chat daily.
The server contains vast amount of different topic to talk about, from sharing art, asking feedback, general chat, stream notices, posting commissions and more. Because our server is discord boosted, we are able to provide up to 320kbps audio quality so when you chat, you are able to hear crisp voice quality.

How do I join the server?

If you have a discord account you can join through this link: https://discord.gg/AKbNWr7
If you don’t have an account, you can register for free at https://discordapp.com/

Upon joining our server you will noticed that you will only see 1 visible channel.
This is normal since majority of the channels are not visible to new users.
To view all channels you must read through all our rules and then scroll down at the bottom of #rules channel and you will see a thumb up emote.

Click on it and the bot will grant you full access to our channels.

How much should I pay the artist?

Artists don’t work for free. They spend huge amount of hours of practise to reach where they are and they are the reason why you are interested in their artwork. So please be considerate. If they are able to draw something fast, it’s due to the years/months of practise with sleepless nights.
Please include a fair and reasonable budget. Putting low budgets in your requests and selling your art for low prices hurts the community as a whole. Please keep this in mind while you browse the server.”

How do I advertise my commission service?

In order to advertise our server you must first request for the “Artist Role” first.
This role grant you write access to our commission and promo channels such as:

#miscellaneous #bladeandsoul #site-advertisement #graphic-design #music #portfolios #patreon #ko-fi #adoptables

In #rules channel, it explains how to get Artist role and make sure to Direct Message our Mod Mail bot. When our bot receives a message from you, it will alert our staff as it creates a ticket much like how a normal email support system works when you contact companies.

Why did I get muted on the server?

You have most likely been muted for posting too fast as a new member. This restriction will result in a 10 minute mute if you post 4 messages in quick succession. This restriction will expire 60 minutes after you join.

Why though?
This is because in past we always had several people/bots joining and mass spam our servers. We had to enact this policy to protect our community.

How do I commission artists?

On our server, we have very specific way that you request art, both free and paid.

For a paid request, please include a basic description of what you want done, a method of payment, and your budget for the request. It is required that your budget is over 5$ per hour.

For free requests, please make a simple request that can be done relatively quickly. This channels exists for helping artists learn, and is not meant for huge projects or requests that should otherwise be paid.

What type of commission can I request?

If you are on the edge about posting something because it’s:Lewd, Disturbing, or otherwise something that could be considered inflammatory, please dm it to modmail so we may manually review it.

You are also not allowed to request a NSFW person based from IRL. You need that persons consent.

If you are a minor, you are not allowed to request NSFW.

What does all username#1234 mean?

These names are discord https://discordapp.com/ official usernames.
You are able to contact these users by creating your account first. Once you open discord client, you will click the blue icon top left, add friend friend and then type in
username#1234 (example mine is sasiko#1234) and wait for that recipient to respond to your friend request.

Our Community and a Marketplace

You can find thousands of Artists here to commission digital art. Our artists have clients ranging from E-sport scene, Twitch & Mixer streamers, corporations, gamers, musicians (album cover art) and more.
A commission server with thousands of verified artists that offer commissions service and also a general Art community who are helpful and enjoyable to talk with.

- This is the place for you if you are an artist that want to get better exposure and more potential clients.
- This is the place for customers to find the right artist to commission as we have huge variety of different art style and types.
- The staff manually assigns artist role to advertise commision, verified seller and verified buyer roles to ensure another safety net for both parties.

- Occassional giveaways such as paid licenses of Clip Studio Paint
- Sponsored contest prizes from company's like Celsys etc
- Channels of commission types
- Portfolios from verified artists
- Drawing Critique. A dedicated channel where you can ask experienced artists for feedback

- Channels that include beginner and advanced drawing guides
- Art challenge
- A dedicated channel for verified artist eyes only so they can talk more private
- Art channel showcase. Artists sharing their recent work
- Paid customer requests

What can we do for you?

If you are the person or representative who is looking to commission someone, we understand the difficulty and trust you would have to place when it comes to paying a stranger.
In our server, our goal has always been facilitating communication between the buyer and the artist and ensuring safety for both parties.
To do that, we verify the artist’s artwork and website ownership before we permit them to advertise their service on our platform.
As a potential art buyer, you would have to make an official paid request in our discord server. By doing that, you would normally receive 10-100 individual messages from our artists, depending on the skillset, budget and drawing/graphic style you are requesting for.